About Holzma

About Holzma

about holzma

HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of panel-sizing beam saws and systems. For over 40 years now, these machines have been providing tight tolerance cutting of virtually all types of panel material.

Our panel-sizing saws and matching solutions for software and service allow us to help you process your orders faster, more economically and with greater flexibility. How? Our engineers analyse your company's requirements and then put together a customised performance package which meets your exact needs.


Tradition and innovation HOLZMA GmbH is a traditional, family company that has steadily expanded. Today, although HOLZMA GmbH is no longer owner-managed, the "spirit" of founder Erwin Jenkner still lives on in the minds of the employees. High quality and innovations, sincerity and a down-to-earth attitude, while at the same time always looking forwards – these characteristics still mark HOLZMA employees today. An exemplary employee profit-sharing scheme ensures that employees continue to identify with "their" company and actively participate in shaping the success of HOLZMA GmbH.


On the spot internationally The world's largest affiliation of medium-sized mechanical engineering companies in the woodworking sector, the HOMAG Group, has built up the industry's strongest global sales and service network. The HOMAG Group today has 21 group-owned sales and service companies, 60 exclusive sales partners and a further 150 independent dealers and so can offer optimum customer proximity – a clear advantage over competitors and a convincing sales argument.


The HOMAG Group Many highly specialised companies have teamed up in the Group. If they wish, customers can equip virtually their entire production facilities with machines from the HOMAG Group. The advantage: extremely compatible, high-quality products.





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