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2 years 9 months ago #833 by bdimov
The snapping to the wall is not correct, cause there is a distance and they doesn´t rotate.

In background, purchased parts are like dummies, so they don´t have the logic like articles. So you can´t use all of the functions you want.
The automatically rotation will never work.

But for the dimension there is a fix value you have to define.
- For each purchased part there is a ZIP file (for example – attached file).
- In it there is a txt file. Please open it.
- In the first line is the definition of the dimension, position and rotation.
- The first 3 numbers are for the dimension. This one has a dimension of 1 by 1 by 1. That means, the dimensions in every direction is one meter (1000mm). For the width for example you have to type in 0.3 for 300mm.
- This is the reason, why you have this distance
- Actually I can see, that in the XML the elements are locked for the dimension. Is this correct? If yes, you can type all the definitions inside the txt files.
- I know, that we can modify this txt file and control some attributes with the XML. Some time ago I made it for the textures, to change it (for example the color for a couch). But for the dimensions I have never tried.
- ##NAME_01## - With ## we can start a kind of variable. Then the name, but you can create an own name. This name has to be the name of the Editbox. ## also for closing it. The XML will transfer the value to the txt file. Maybe it is also working for the dimension, but we have to try.

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