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woodFactory 04From production planning with optimal production batches, distribution of CNC files, as well as feedback aftter the final installation of the products, using woodFactory increases transparency, efficiency and control, as well as helps you optimize production processes. 

The woodFactory software optimizes the production processes of manufacturers, working with HOMAG Group machines. 

Production orders & Enriching data - Overview of all the production orders, their production routes and statuses. Generates data for HOMAG machines. Increase maintenance of CNC data / central warehousing: Automatic application of CNC programs to standard details, including control via variables and CNC components. 

Production planning - Plan the routes of raw materials by defining the production steps. Flexible and rich generation of production batches. Parameters based on the choice of details and the option to mix orders to create a production batch. Planning of production while taking account of production times and bottle necks in production.

Automation of production flows - Barcode controlled production / Generating of Unique-Part-ID's transparent and secure flow of data using automatic distribution of production data and documents for every production step - CNC files will be transfered to the machines "on demand". 

Reduction of offline times, maintenance costs and material consumption - Improve results of optimization - reduced times for setting machines, while taking into account with production flows and giving reports for loading materials needed in production! Simplified work with details using accurate tracking in production. Decreased need of warehousing space and decreased risk of machines malfunction. 

Production monitoring - Checking the status of details, products and orders. Automatic feedback from machines and integration of scanning terminals. Starts the monitoring process at the right time. 

woodFactory 03Management of repeat production - Identification of damaged details in production. Creation of production batches for repeat production. 

Paperless production via information terminals - Constant access to information on demand. Integration of feedback terminals. 





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