Professional rendering partner

As the main distributor and professional rendering partner of imos AG - Germany, we can take pride in a widespread usage of our rendering projects.


After years of mutual work, MOS Consult and imos AG are giving a more modern design and vision of the software products, social media and presentation materials.


During the years we did a lot of animated presentations and short movies for imos AG, but still images should not be put aside as well. It is exactly still images that make an impression to the imos CAD 10 and 11 customers, Organizer, as well as followers of imos AG in social media - Facebook and Twitter.

We guarantee that this is far from everything, but rather just the beginning. You can expect a lot more professional projects, better quality, higher resolutions and more effects.

We will continue with presentations for Holz Handwerk Messe march 2014, which will be for our other German partner - Homag Holzbearbeitungssyteme AG.





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