The newest version of imos - 12 - at LIGNA Featured

imos AG presents the most recent version of the interior design software this year at the LIGNA exhibition
Customer’s contribution again has a key role in the optimization of the entire process – from the end customer to the machines with imos Vision

Inspiration in production:

imos regularly presents new versions at LIGNA and the 12th version again comes with a lot of promising new ideas. More than two years ago, under the motto "sales-to-machine" the company increased the participation of customers in the sales and ordering. Continuing in the same vein, chairman and design manager Dr. Frank Prekvinkel explains: "We have always wanted to not only provide the necessary solutions for reliable process of orders for manufacturers, which we were doing for years, but to help companies in finding new customers. In this direction it is important for us that individual interior design needs of customers are directly implemented in the documents and CNC information about the given order. This ideology is presented under the new slogan "Inspire & produce".

The end customer become a designer on their own:

Providing the necessary web-based tools for planning and visualization, the 12th version inspires everyone to take the project into their hands. HTML 5 technology allows the platforms to be extremely fast and accessible for devices with all operating systems (e.g. iPad tablets and those with Windows or Android). The presented at LIGNA 2013 Augmented Reality technology is further developed and integrated directly. Furniture already configured are displayed not only in a room but also the additional 3D window allows you to see changes to the furniture in real time, ensuring complete security in what the customer wants to order. All this significantly improves visual communication with the end customer and they become designers on their own.

Convenient sales planning:

imos 12 comes with a lot of innovations for the CAD users. Work environment (UI) has been reconsidered and it now comes with a completely revised and modernized look. imos organizer underwent a major re-design and optimization for faster changes in outputing reports and documents to orders. Items, prices and conditions can now be processed even after finishing the order planning directly from the order’s basket. A series of small but very important daily-task functions were also added, such as smart insertion and replacement in CAD for faster and efficient construction. Now an entire kitchen can be quickly calibrated when changing the dimensions of the room, when inserting new items or deleting / modifying existing ones. All this happens without having to manually adjust the position of the items in the room.


5-axle programming - faster and easier:

imos provides the module CAM MAX for 5-axis CNC technology. In version 12 this module has been further developed and instead of burdensomely selecting every single item separately, consumers can now transfer contours, drilling and pockets directly to the 5-axis operation via "scan" function, just as with 3-axle operations.

Integrated optimization:



With version 12 imos is gradually achieving its goal of a fully optimized process –  end client <-> production.

Construction principles and parametric 3D data created with imos CAD, can be transferred in an online-based configurator. Adding the new generation of marketing tools (NET and 360), end customers have a connection with design and manufacturing solutions (CAD and CAM). In addition, this connection can also be complemented by a complete ERP or MES integration.

The flexibility of this combination of software solutions allows for easy adaptation depending on the different customer groups at any production scale.







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