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Innovative solutions for exclusive furniture manufacturers 

At Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg imos AG from Herford presented the latest upgrades in imos 11.0, focusing on individual requirements of furniture manufacturers. Through advanced e-business solutions and new operational concept, the sales – preparation for production process is more optimized than ever.

The software solutions of imos AG represent the process of manufacturing and ordering as a continuous one, starting from the online sale to the delivery of furniture. The software company from Herford offers specially designed solutions tailored to various business models and sizes. At Holz-Handwerk one of the highlights are the new opportunities for carpenters related to online marketing.


New online sales solutions for furniture manufacturers


For years now imos AG provides professional e-commerce solutions related to imos CAD/CAM modules aimed primarily at optimizing business to business (B2B) processes. In addition, at Holz-Handwerk a cloud (cloud-based) service will be presented, which aims to integrate the end user in the sales process (B2C). Chairman Frank Prekvinkel Prof. Ph.D. Eng. explains the concept as follows: "Terms such as e-business and e-commerce are becoming commonly used. For many people the internet is the first and most important place, where they can get informed when it comes to making a purchasing decision. With our new software, our customers can benefit from this trend and increase their competitive advantage. "


Here's how it works: On the manufacturers’ website an online configurator is integrated; end user selects the desired furniture and change properties such as material, colour and other design aspects. As a result, the product is presented in stunning 3D environment and thanks to the technology Augmented Reality and the camera of a tablet or smartphone, the product can be viewed in your home. After the customer has configured their product it can be inserted into the store to confirm the price, terms of payment and delivery and finally to order the product. Payment can be made either via credit card or through established online payment systems. The manufacturer can import the order in their own imos CAD / CAM system and start production without further processing.

Following the general trend, this trading solution can be managed completely from the tablet.

Frank Prekvinkel Prof. Ph.D. Eng.: "According to a recent survey by Forsa every eighth German citizen owns a tablet, and even more have a smart phone. Intuitive and ergonomic operation with a touch-screen is fun and has become a trend. Therefore, we offer our products now for mobile devices "  


More functions for room planning


Latest CAD functions for planning will help designers to implement changes quickly and easily, while providing support during the sales process. The individual elements for planning, e.g. in the kitchen, can be easily added or removed which will automatically result in a change of the position and dimensions of adjacent products. With the new functionalities customer’s wishes can start on the sales process and planning will be corrected opportunely.


Entering orders without CAD environment


imos Organizer, used as a main tool for custom design and data maintenance, has been thoroughly revised with workflow-oriented operating concept and a new user interface. Thanks to the additional option "Sales Import Manager" orders can now be entered and modified without the need for CAD environment. This leads to increased flexibility and higher production when orders are inputted. To have more individuality in design of orders and exporting necessary documents, a new reports generator has been integrated.


Easy 5-axle programming


With the update of imos CAM MAX, the software company from Herford presents new features in programming of 5-axle machines. The function for selection of areas for processing has been simplified, simulation of the tool path and the sequence of workings are integrated into imos CAD. This gives advantage especially for structural changes and improves safety in the production process.


About imos AG

imos develops and distributes software for industries related to furniture and interior design worldwide. CAD / CAM software combines furniture and interior design, including hardware from furniture suppliers, into an integrated process. This process takes place smoothly from web-based room planning function through order input with precise calculation to control of CNC machines.






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