New software update for imos 11 - SR1 Featured

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The new software version of imos 11.0 SR2 is ready to be shipped in English and German as well as fully translated in Bulgarian. The other translations will be available shortly. All current customers with subscription support can make use of free software update. If you have any questions regarding the update, please contact us.


Shipment and installation:

The MOS Consult team will coordinate the shipment of the new version for clients of imos AG Bulgaria. Installation packages for all our clients with subscription contracts for updates will be send via mail. Please, be advised that we suggest updating the software using the help of one of our techs. If you are updating the system on your own, you might want to make a backup of the current version before proceeding. Imos 11.0 SR2 has a migration assistant, that copies a great part of your settings and data from the previous version into imos 11.0 SR2.


In case you have any questions we would love helping you make the best decision when choosing from our products.





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