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At the upcoming fair LIGNA, the company imos from Herford, Germany will present its newest software version imos 11.0.  As an addition to the many improvements and innovations in the CAD, CAM and NET products we will present the new module called “imos 360” which helps bring the client in the chain of processes.

Every two years, at the LIGNA fair in Hanover, imos presents the newest developments in their software products. As well as the many product improvements, version 11.0 also focuses on the integrated flow of data when ordering and manufacturing. The strategy sale-to-machine has been further improved and with the imos 360, imos clients are included into the whole process.

Imos 360: Virtual furniture scaled to real size.
360 stands for round or closed – used for space, time, process. Imos 360 allows the end user to be taken into the process of design and order to the final manufacturer. Imos has created apps for smartphone and tablets which allow the end manufacturer to communicate and exchange data with the customers via a cloud system. Using such technology, the client can project the future design of their furniture in their homes. This allows for the customer to be drawn in the design process as well.

That’s how the imos 360 works: 3D data, created from imos CAD are saved in the cloud and can be accessed via the imos 360 app which is used with smartphones and tablets. The exchange of 360 degree panoramic images, price information, and various types of documents, most commonly AR modules, become very valuable for the customer.

AR stands for augmented reality. This technology allows owners of smartphones or tablets to visualize virtual furniture in real life rooms. The camera function of the smartphone allows for a real life surrounding while the imos 360 3D model, includes the materials and color presentation. Various furniture designs can be saved in real life surrounding. After that you can save the and share your images with friends in social media. What’s more, you will have a communication channel between the manufacturer and the client which will allow customers to send their vision to the manufacturer.

Imos presents how you can use imos 360 on boot A30 in hall 26 and welcomes everyone interested to come and try the app.

Frank Prekvinkel Phd, CEO of imos will explain the idea behind the imos 360. In Germany every 3rd person has a smartphone and the use of such devises keeps rising worldwide. Mobile terminals allow for amazing ways to visualize of pictures and images as well as downloading or uploading them. Furthermore, there is a focus on extended communication and data services. A powerful communication platform has been created, which will be available to everyone to all of the imos users. Imos 360 will help our customers improve business processes and extend client relationships. The customers of today want to design and order their furniture as easily and conveniently as they buy airplane tickets or book hotels.

Imos NET 4.0 new opportunities for online furniture selling

Imos NET has been used for years as a B2B solution for distribution of furniture and machining. Now, the NET designer is also available for use, which allows for interactive configuration of furniture in 3D. The user can construct and project individual furniture, thanks to dragging furniture components.

Imos NET planning of space has also been improved and allows new functionalities for kitchen design. One can also generate linear details such as rafts, sockets, based on the placed furniture. This plan can be visualized via sizing views or photo-realistic rendering.

Imos NET 4.0 is unavailable only in its standard interface and can also be adapted according individual client’s needs. The technology built in the browser allows it to be integrated in the website of the manufacturer. Based on that, the first store for end customers are now created and the chain of processes is expanded from the client to the machine.

Kitchen island designed with imos 11.0


Imos CAD 11.0: 3D design of furniture with more comfort

There are many things to be discovered in the imos CAD software, the main product of imos. In order to do that we have taken many of our imos clients from various sectors onboard to help with the software development. Machining suppliers helped us optimize the graphs and plans while interior designers helped expand the functionalities of free module construction. The Swiss kitchen expert Zbären Creative Kitchens focuses on the need of 3D scaling of single as well as multiple articles. With version 11.0 the articles are not only going to scale but will also regenerate according to the specific logic of the machining and transition elements. The engineering designer Matthias Wampfler from Zbären summarises it: „This function is incredibly important for us and it allows for many benefits. Sometimes the initial construction just simply matches the idea of the kitchen. With the help of 3D scaling function I can adapt the design according to the real dimensions of the room. Of course, during the working process clients do want to change some things. For exaple, the lower roll of drawers has to be removed, moved, decreased or increase in size. Such changes can be done easily and safely without changin the entire structire.

Imos Organizer, the central tool for projects and orders management has been changed from the ground up and a new concept for the work flow has been implemented in the user interface. The integrated Order Manager allows users to create their orders as an alternative to the graphic way. The Order Manager improves the calculation functionality as well as the structure of the client’s database and allows for the creating of tailored client offers. The data and support management is also optimized and simplified. The data packages of the main machining and materials suppliers are also updated. Hettich supplies the new „Technology and Application 2013“ catalogue and the sales catalogues of Grass and Häfele are available in the imos CAD thanks to imos Design Catalogue.

New technology for imos CAM
In the CAM interface imos allows the imos CAM MAX for 5-axis CNC treatment interpolation, new technology to generate CAM data. With version 11.0 an open source system to combine 3, 4, and 5 axis processes. The foundation of the Workflow Center. Specific processes in the company – workflows can be defined with machines and technological parameters. According to the type of components, a specific workflow can be used to define the operations for the various machines. The benefits are obvious: while, in the past, we were only able to program a single CNC machine, now we can define different flows. CAD / CAM product manager Hubert Schrader defines the improvements as: “Using the easy consecutiveness, flexibility in the development processes increase. This is extremely important if a machine brakes or there are changes being made to a machine. Along with the simplified configuration, time and effort put into CNC processing can be decreased.” As a result, the system remains flexible as the company and the machine park grow, allowing the connection of unlimited number of machines. 

One system – many opportunities 
Imos 11.0 users will make use of not only the numerous functions and technologies but of the overall system development as well. All modules are interconnected and can be adapted to the needs of the company. Imos will be at this year’s LIGNA fair in hall 26, boot A30 in hall 14, boot K33.


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За imos AG:
imos creates software products for the furniture industry worldwide. The CAD/CAM software combines furniture design with interior design, including connection technology by leading manufacturers, as well as an integrated process from online sales to manufacturing using CNC machines.





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