Packing Day at HOMAG Automation in Lichtenberg

Our partners from HOMAG Automation are organizing a special daylong event next Thursday /10.11.16./ in their Lichtenberg office. 

We are all looking forward to exciting presentations, Best Practice examples, new technologies and the information exchange with experts about the packaging topic. 

Discover live the intelligent and economical solutions that optimize the whole packaging process and develop new ideas in dialog with many packaging experts. 

Live in Action: Possibilities of automated packaging

Compact packaging concept

  • 3D Scanner
  • Cardboard Cutting Machine 
  • Gluing Station 
  • Center Closure Machine 
  • Carton Labeling 

Packaging line batch size 1 

  • Carton Folding Machine
  • Packing Station 
  • Carton Closure Machine 
  • Labeling System 

Robot insert Station 

  • Compact, without pit, 10 cycles 

Here are the exciting expert lectures that will take place next Thursday. 

Learn interesting facts around the topic packaging and process optimization.

"Carton variants and their application areas" 

Tobias Mohr, Monowell GmbH & Co. KG 

"Chances of process optimization in packaging" 

Armin Pinl, Expenses Reduction Analysts 

Also, don't forget to have a look at the video our HOMAG Automation partners have created, discussing the main benefits of proper packaging for the manufacturer. 






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