Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

imos CAD CAM 


Q: We buy imos CAD CAM. does this mean that all our products are automatically input in the software and we can start working with it?

A: Once you have purchased imos CAD CAM you need to "input" or create all your products in your database. We at MOS Consult can help you with our service database creation. Our constructors create and update the products you have selected. This way, we create your database, while you focus on developing your business. 


Q: We have previous experience working with AutoCAD. Does this mean we can use the same commands and logic of the software in imos CAD CAM.

A: imos CAD CAM uses the AutoCAD core as foundation to build its additional functions. However, the AutoCAD commands do not work in imos CAD CAM and some of the software logic is different. We highly suggest signing up for a basic training with either a MOS Consult or imos AG representative. 


Q: The drawing and construction software we use is integrated with our internal ERP system. Can we connect imos CAD CAM with the ERP system we use.

A: The connection between imos CAD CAM and the ERP system is possible via a IDBext. interface, which reads and sends information to your system. A two way communication is also possible between imos CAD CAM and the ERP system. 


Schnitt Profi(t) and machine connections 


Q: The machines we use are a bit older, can I make sure there is a machine connection for them before I start thinking about purchasing imos CAD CAM software?

A: Our specialists can connect almost any machine to imos CAD CAM. Before we can confirm for sure, we will need a bit more specific information for the machine you are worried about. Ask us about our CAM questionnaire, so that we can know for sure if and how we can make the connection to the machine you are worried about.


Rendering service and training 


Q: Do you prepare products, different than the standard visualizations?

A: Yes. Our team has significant experience with product animation, 360-degree panoramic images and animations. Recently, we are focusing virtual (VR) realities - static and animated.  


Q: Can we send specific materials/ colours/ objects, that you will use in our project?

A: Of course. This is actually part of our standard process. After a brief conversation with a company rep, you will know exactly information we require. 


Q: Is there an option to choose a specific mood (e.g. warm, daylight) and/ or style (e.g. realistic, drawing) of the image?

A: Yes. This is also part of our initial briefing together.