Schnitt Profi(t) optimisation

Schnitt Profi(t) cutting optimisation

Schnitt Profi(t) is a software that drastically optimizes the effectiveness of cutting the raw materials. Schnitt Profi(t) is compatible with ERP/ PPC systems and also provides an unmistakeable set of information from the initial offer all the way to delivery. Schnitt Profi(t)  allows you to speed up internal processes so that you have full control of all your data at any given time and optimize your production costs. You can trust our more than 30-year experience in developing our own software.




Version 10 – new functions:

  • Part list - Multiple part lists can be open on separate tabs (up to 5) to facilitate copying parts between lists. Allows direct editing of pattern, edging and destacking libraries from selection dialogs within the part list. Search and replace - by row, column or complete list. 

  • Board list - Board list has been expanded to include bin location, type, density, picture, material parameters, material description and new fields are available in board summary. Can be sorted automatically according to custom sequence. Board list rules - similar to cutting list rules - the fields in the board list can be set by user-defined rules. Board codes - no longer need to start with ‘X’ to designate an offcut. A new board list field ‘type’ is set to X for an offcut. JPG / JPEG images supported in board library.

  • Import & Export - Import wizard - ASCII and XLS(X) files may be configured and imported directly within the part list. Unicode import - part lists, board lists and patterns can be imported - non ANSI characters are replaced. Unicode export - reports can be exported in Unicode format.

  • Review Runs - Summaries may be sorted by up to 3 chosen fields. Totals may be shown at top of each summary. The material picture thumbnail can be included on many reports. Pattern enhancement - choice of font for labelling pattern, and enhanced display of pattern drawing. Pictures can be scaled according to board size.

  • Nesting - Nested pattern editor - allows snap up, down, left or right to near shapes allowing minimum part separation. Nesting optimizer - shape nesting 2 - support for strict priority optimization within each sheet. Nesting optimizer - shape nesting2 - obeys type 9 stock limit on boards ie. Exceed stock when no other boards available.

  • Saw Interface - Saw transfer - option in review runs to transfer a single run (instead of whole batch) to saw. CombiTec - Support for CombiTec for single saw - calculation of cutting times for CombiTec recut patterns. Position of part in grain match template may be shown on picture on part label.

  • Edging Library - Edging module - all the features of the Edging Library (EL) including cutting size adjustment, laminate calculations, edging summary are now included with all optimizer modules (LO, SO, PO, NE).





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