Module: Destacking

Module: Destacking

You can keep production running smoothly by using the destacking module, which streamlines through flow at the saw by planning the destacking process. It gives you a list of pallet requirements or a baseboard cutting list and, based on the size of your mechanized destacking stations, will limit the number of open parts, ensuring finished items go to assembly as quickly as possible.
Abstapelung D600x190 27890Functions and benefits

  • The module calculates a cutting list for baseboards from the part sizes allowing for oversize allowance, layout constraints and maximum stacking height.
  • A destacking summary shows the operator, pattern by pattern, on which pallet each part must be placed.
  • The layout of parts on each pallet or baseboard can be downloaded to automatic destacking equipment.
  • You can print labels for pallets or stacks when used with the “part library and label printing” module.
  • The destacking module includes an advanced optimizing algorithm which obeys maximum station sizes when allocating parts to stations.





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