Module: Part library and label printing

Module: Part library and label printing

For better management and tracking of parts

This module helps you gear up for production faster by instantly generating data for all your most frequently used parts. Simply by using just the part codes to pull items into a parts list, you can enter cutting lists quickly and accurately and create factory route cards at the press of a button, speeding up production.
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Functions and benefits

  • The part library can hold details of size, material, grain and edging, as well as plenty of user-defined information for each part. 
  • You can generate detailed labels with multiple bar codes and graphics – for fast setup of CNC machines equipped with bar code scanners. 
  • The library can also hold a list of regularly used hardware components such as hinges, screws and drawer slides with their costs. 
  • Labels can be printed in the office in the sequence of cutting, or printed on demand at the saw. 
  • A list of operation times can be held for each part and be used to build up a full part cost.





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