Module: Stock control

Module: Stock control

This invaluable module protects your profit margin by minimizing downtime due to lack of stock. How? By helping you accurately track your raw materials and by adding offcuts back to stock. This ensures no reusable material is wasted, so you systematically increase material yield. Panels can be allocated to jobs in advance so that you do not optimize the same offcut on different jobs.
Plattenbibliothek D600x190 27895Functions and benefits

  • This module helps you check stock levels, record raw material orders and book in receipts from your suppliers.
  • It considers available free stock (physical stock less allocations) and automatically adjusts stock after cutting.
  • Configurable reports include stock valuation, minimum stock levels, monthly summary of stock usage and an audit trail of all stock movements.
  • Physical stock control of hardware and edge banding material – only when used in conjunction with the “order processing and variable parts lists” and “edging and laminating” modules.
  • Interface to automatic storage handling systems for synchronization of panel and offcut stock via SQL Server database.





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