Basic features

Basic features

Clearly structured and easy to use – that's Cut Rite's formula for your success. All the features that are important for your daily work are already included in Cut Rite LITE, PRACTIVE and PROFESSIONAL. The modular design allows you to add other options as and when you need them. Adding more options is possible at any time, as is increasing the number of licenses. The package is rounded off by the possibility of automating many functions, which reduces manual operation to a minimum.

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Rules editor for cutting lists
This editor allows you to define rules for data handling and for automatic generation of data specifically to suit your manufacturing process. Key figures can then be calculated fully automatically in an instant.

Graphic cutting pattern editor
With other programs, you have to start again from the beginning if there is a change to the parts list, or if you want to cut an optimized pattern differently. With Cut Rite, you simply grab the mouse and enter the changes directly in the cutting pattern in a matter of seconds. 

Grain matching
Templates define the position of parts in the cutting pattern – either in order to achieve a uniform veneer pattern or to group narrow parts before edging.

Calculating material and machine costs
A big advantage when preparing quotations: Cut Rite immediately indicates the material costs and calculates the machining time. You are able to calculate orders accurately and benefit from easier production planning.

The algorithm: default fast
Cut Rite's calculating engine uses all your computer's processors. This increases the number of computing operations, achieving optimum results very quickly.

Integrated material database
Here you can set up data for all your panel materials, enter panel usage and register offcuts so that they can be used later. Connection to horizontal storage systems is child's play, thanks to modular extensions.

User-friendliness is key
Cut Rite has always had an outstanding reputation for ease of use. It features a modern interface, countless input aids and options for automating important processes.

User profiles
You can create a profile for each user – with password, paths and much more. Users immediately feel at home with the software and can use the functions they need.

Your company – your overview
You decide what is important and configure the reporting options according to your needs: from the simple allocation of information to the standard summaries to configuration of your own reports and fully automatic calculation of additional data. Furthermore, Cut Rite prepares all the data for label printing. You can then print the labels in the office (included as standard in Cut Rite) or optionally directly at the machine in time with the cuts.

Industry-standard software
Cut Rite is compatible with all common industry solutions. Parts list tables in PTX, CSV or XLS format can be transferred with all information at the touch of a button.

Customized parameters
You set the standards for your cutting process, not the software!

Tailored reporting
Reporting options can be configured to your requirements and all the results clearly portrayed. Key figures are instantly available.





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